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Hi forum,
I have a quick question......
I am visiting Bulgaria later this year in September and want to travel across from Sofia to Byala Ruse Province, by bus is it possible to buy bus tickets as a return as I have only bought as single in the past, and if so is there a time limit to the return date on the ticket, as i want to return within 48 hours to Sofia.
(can I pre-order the tickets online in advance??)
OK thank you in advance. :) Steve.

Check out bus radar. It has english and you can book return tickets. Otherwise, you can buy return tickets at the station. Usually there is a no minimum for return, but there is a max (like you must use it in a week or 15 days).

OK thanks Kojidae, it was a struggle last time I attempted bus and train tickets, I'll be travelling by bus both routes and in fairness it is not much slower than if I hired a car myself.
Hope that you are all doing well. :)

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