Extension of IPA or Visit pass using Medical cert/result

Hi All.
I need your opinion on how to approach a solution for my dilemma.
1. I have an IPA valid til feb 10. My visit pass expires feb 4. Which is honored for the last day of my stay here, the visit pass or IPA?
2. My medical clearance will only be issued on March 19. Thing is I can ask for my hiring company to extend my IPA but that will only be for a month, March 10 which is 9 days short for the release of clearance.
3. Given my hiring company can extend my IPA, would that be honored by ICA? Still it will be 9 days overdue...will ICA then honor my medical cert saying my medical result will be released March 19?
4. Who is best to approach to clear/extend my stay...ICA first or wait for my IPA extension then go to ICA...
Appreciate the response. Apologies as im not thinking so clearly now.
5. Also was there any case of IPA or visit pass extended because of medical certificate stating pending result which will take longer than 30 days?

Thank you all. Appreciate the advice.

What do you mean that your medical clearance will come in March? What is this?

Your IPA expires on Feb 10 and your visit pass expires on Feb 04. Do you know the difference between two? Did you read open threads which has plenty of discussion on both the points?
IPA is valid for one time entry which issues by MoM to work in Singapore. Visiting visa issues by ICA to come as a visitor then return before 30 days.

If your employer willing to request MoM to extend the IPA then MoM May extend to one more month after then IPA will be expired. No more extension will be allowed. Why such situation came into picture now? If you know whatever medical clearance is pending then what’s the purpose of apply work pass now? Does your employer knows this prior to work pass application?

What extension are you talking here? If your visit pass expires and you are in Singapore then either have to leave or visit ICA to extend (chances are likely it won’t extend unless you are admitted in hospital and can’t leave). It has no relation with IPA as you have entered SG under tourist visa.

I think you are confused without any iota on how ICA or MoM works. Better call them to clarify your doubts. In future, clear your doubts in ahead, not after issued your IPA.

Start reading open forum threads, plenty of information are shared which can help you to understand. Good luck

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