Any experience with Nepali Landlords regarding electricity stealing?

I'm renting an apartment with the Nepali landlord living upstairs. When it's nice weather they open all the windows and doors. I'm downstairs and I freeze every time. I live in a building that doesn't have the stairs going up the middle so I thought it wouldn't matter, but it does. I explained about this issue when I rented it.
Now, they seem to have put a lot of their electricity on my meter and when I complained that the electricity keeps going out and I can't use my oven with the toaster they blamed it on the electric company. They also threatened to cut my WIFI and told me to get my own even though I paid my share for the year.
I've decided to find an entire building just so I won't freeze like this. It's really horrible. It's literally colder at 11 am than in the middle of the night.
What would happen if I just don't pay rent the last month and move out halfway through it so I won't lose all of my deposit?
Any tips for keeping the situation peaceful?

Without generalising, there is no way to answer your question. Every person and every situation will be different, and have a different 'best answer' or solution.

That being said, I am of the opinion that there is no reasoning with any Nepali landlord in his own house. He is king, and his word is law. (he / she doesn't matter in this)

So, say nothing to keep the peace, and start looking for your own building to rent.
It is what I did, and this has worked for me.

Mind you, that you'll not be allowed (officially) to rent out appartments in the building you rent. Not without incorporating, and new laws in regard to house taxes and checking who's living where have recently become an issue, so I'd advise against sub-leasing parts of your rented house.

Thanks so much. I guess I need to resolve to forfeit my little deposit and go on. That's probably the best I have to hope for. They seemed like such nice people, and I'm sure they are. I think they just don't understand that tourists are people, too.

Yes, I would definitely recommend you find the best way to extricate yourself from your current uncomfortable situation without losing too many feathers - the best way you know how - and move on.
In the next place you rent:
1. Make sure the new place you pick has it own private entrance or access - insuring your complete privacy - obviously.
2. And before you enter into any written commitment with this new landlord and you sign on the dotted line with him,  make sure the place you do select does possess its own independent electric meter.too - that seems pretty me.   
3. On the day you sign with him, both the landlord/owner and yourself should take a meter reading as of that date, so you only pay for consumption of electric power as from that point on. Record that reading on your lease there can be no argument about that. 
Private access and no power sharing!!
Good luck.

I look for a place that is my own apartment and prefer a one price includes all rental. I have encountered devious owners. Trying to charge for wifi they pay for anyway, charging for trash disposal, trying to charge 5000 a month extra for cooking gas. The electric on a apartment should have its own meter. I've only conceded to pay extra for electric once and it was only 1000 so no big deal. Always look for signs of potential construction nearby unless you like listening to hammering all day for months. I have bailed on 3 apartments over noise issues. I just eat the loss. I would never pay a one month security deposit. Maybe a small damage deposit.

The apartment does have its own meter. Yes, I did write down the first reading, too. I was generous enough to share my inverter for the WIFI of which I paid my share for the year, but when an electrician came to work on something he stole our multi-plug and that's what they are using to cram as many high voltage things into as possible. Seriously, I cannot use my mini oven and the electric water pot at the same time because a lot of things seem to be on that circuit. I have a Nepali 'son' who helps me, so I'm putting the next lease in his name. What's the worst that could happen with that arrangement? lol.

As tourists, we have little more power here than a South American refugee has in the US. The police are really great here if you lose your passport or get pick pocketed at a festival, but when you go up against those at the top of the food chain you really know your place in this society. That being said, they would have to be a lot worse for me to even begin to love living here any less. Sometimes we need to just buck up and remember how lucky we are to be here.

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