Employer tricked me instead of giving transfer they give exit visa

Sallam sir,

I need your advice i have a labor court case hearing on feb 5 on oct 2019 i filed a case to my employer because they terminated me under article 80 i filed a case because as far as i know i didnt do anything in that article 80 and they didnt give me my benefits and my overtime pay for 3 yrs then on the first and 2nd hearing in the labor office they didnt come then the officer endorse it to labor court then i have waited 3 months and i am not recieving any money nor salary that time from my employer now i talked to my hr and asked them if you dont want to give me my money then let me transfer and they said if you want to transfer them write an clearance letter that you got all your dues and u dont want anything from the company and we will endorse your transfer to our director and approve the transfer then after i wrote it the next day they issued an exit visa intead of the transfer letter they tricked me now my labor court hearing will be on feb 5 and the expiration of final exit is on march 22and i have a audio record of every conversation of all the phone calls i made and i recieved even the one they are telling me to write on the clearance paper can that be a prove to cancel the exit visa and proceed on the court for the transfer please i need some help and answer please they tricked me on signing the clearance.

Please i need someone who can answer and help

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