Dammam British vs. American School

Dear friends
I am hoping to travel out to Dammam to join Aramco soon and now having to decide on the schooling option for kids who are in Primary 1, 4 and 6 in Scotland, UK at present.

I have an option to put kids at Aramco Expatriate school in Aramco Dammam compound or enrol at one of the international schools in Dammam. I am not very familiar with the American schooling system, but it's certainly attractive from ease of process as it's inside the compound so transport issues and easy access.

Our long term plan is for kids to return to UK for university education, upon completing school education in KSA.

Has anyone from UK enrolled kids at the Aramco or another American school? If so, can you kindly comment on the questions below:

1. How did your kids find the transition from British to American curriculum?
2. How would you rate the Aramco school?
3. Would you recommend American over British schooling system or vice versa?
4. Which schools would you recommend in Dammam. I read up pretty bad reviews on DGBS but unsure if reviews reflect reality?

Any additional comments, please let me know.

Thank you so much in advance for your help and effort to share your thoughts.


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