I am working in a school here in Bahrain as a Teacher. My contract is due to end in September 2020.

When I joined the school 17 months back there was no requirement of the B. Ed degree for my subject ie Computers. I was happily working but suddenly I was asked to pursue a Certification course worth 500 BD by the School as MOE wants all the teachers who don't have B Ed to be certified. This kind of thing was not mentioned in the contract. As my salary is not much I was unable to pursue the course and I resigned.

My contract says that the notice period should be 3 months but I got a job offer and new employer wants me to join quickly. I resigned and will complete 40 days on the notice period. Now the management wants me to continue till the contract ends plus forcing me to pursue the course of 500 BD. Otherwise they will not give me experience certificate and would forfeit my deposit money (350 BD they deducted when I joined ).

Kindly guide what is best for me. Is it possible to register my complaint somewhere and more importantly do I have a ground to do so?


Read this first :

Thanks for the information.

But please let me know if I have a good reason to resign and request my deposit back.

Honestly, it is very hard to determine.  What I do know is that the MOE rolled out this certification requirement very recently so theoretically, if the school were hiring you now, they wouldn't even have done that unless you had it (i.e. completed it on your own expense before applying).  So a labor court may view it either way i.e. it was a pre-requisite of the job which the candidate needed to possess to be hired in the first place or they may not.

Secondly, you can't dodge the notice period if specified in your contract clearly - except in a few situations.

You can either file a case with the Ministry of Labor or consult a lawyer who will highlight your options properly.  My suggestion is to go through a lawyer as your situation is a bit complicated.  And the initial consultation will not cost that much and you will get a much better idea.  Contact Khalid Khan and give him my reference.

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