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I am getting quotes of $25 per page to translate documents from English to Spanish here in Florida. I just wanted to check with others to see if you paid the same or anyone you recommend? If I have to get every single bank statement for last 3 months translated to Spanish along with all other documents this could turn into $800 just curious how much on average everyone paid to see if I'm getting overcharged.

As far as.i understand bank statents do not need translating!  Double check

If this is for residency ask the consulate and understand you can only use approved translators!

I asked the consulate and you were right the bank statements do not need to be translated. It's a little confusing because on the paperwork they sent me they stated all documents needed to be translated but I guess only certain documents. On average what are people paying for this?

It's different everywhere. Some consulates do the translations for a fee. Ask them honey what they charge

Will do thank you.

I can add a bit to this.  I called the consulate in Ottawa Canada.  And regarding translating bank statements, I was told NOT necessary.  I suspect this is because they are really "numbers documents" or financial in nature and thus very simple.  However, the birth certificate is equally simple, also minus the numbers.  I was told that "documents" such as that needed to be:  "notarized", then sent to the DR consulate who would "authenticate", "legalize" and "translate" them.  It is probably harder to forge a birth certificate than a $100 cad bill.  The cost of a birth certificate and other document which needed the entire process would be "$150 US dollars".  I would have thought that "notarizing" is the same as "legalizing".  Also I would have thought that due to the extreme difficulty in confeiting a birth certificate, a professional should be able to tell the difference.  The consulate is being SUPER careful at OUR COST.  Since they handle the "legalizing, authenicating and translating" I would think that me, locally "notarizing" my documents, would be redundant, not to mention a waste of my money and time.

I’m also early in the residency process and just ordered official copies of my birth  and marriage certificate. The state will “appostille” them for $10 per copy ($40 total). I have an appointment with my physician in the end of February and will get a letter from him.
For my physician letter I am thinking of getting it in Spanish from him. Has anyone done that before?

Kittenjuggler, I sent the Consulate in Toronto all our paperwork, without notarizing it or anything else, and paid the fee the Consulate charges.  That way, it was all done in their hands, so it had to be correct.  And I didn't have to try to find an approved translator in my small town.  And they wanted the "long form" birth certificates that you have to order from the Government, not the little cards we are all issued.

Legs208, I sent my doctors note in English, and they were fine with it.  They translated to Spanish.  If your doctor speaks Spanish, that is probably a good idea, one less document to translate.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Hey Everyone thanks for sharing. Uncle Buck , I too called the consulate and they told
Me they could get everything translated and then sent for apostilled. I am a little nervous about turning it over to them as if they lose any paperwork that will be a huge headache for me. I was going to drive to Tallahassee after everything was translated and then drive to Miami to be safe but it might be worth a shot to send it would definitely save some serious driving. Thanks for your response. Candice you are right we do not need our bank statements translated according to Consulate in Florida at least.

Send your docs by courier with signature required.  It's their everyday job to handle these documents so you are probably fine!

Good Idea thanks Planner

Thanks UncleBuck.  I am going to do exactly the same thing.  A bit more about the birth certificate.  There are many types available.  Example:  For someone who is already deceased.  Some even include your parents names and birth places.

As UncleBuck stated, if it's a birth certificate document, and NOT THE CARD, it will be ok.
The DR consolate confirmed that I did not need the one with my parents names on it.

That's good to know that don't need the one with parents name on it. It's so strange how the requirements can change from day to day or that it will say something is required on the website then it's not but however they do it as long as I get it good to go.

In Red Deer, my sister-in-law (who is from DR) took me to her minister who does translation for many of his congregation as many are from Spanish speaking regions as he is. His charge was $100 (Cdn) for everything and that included going to a large local law firm where all forms were notarized free of charge. Had additional items to be translated and notarized several months later - four pages - paid $25, and again, no charge to be notarized. All were accepted - first main batch at the Embassy in Ottawa, the second few pages at the Consulate in Toronto.

UncleBuck, did you send any originals or just photo copies?
(And when I say photo copies, I am guessing they should be color and 2 of each.)

Also, if copies were sent, how much of the passport must be copied?  Every single page?

As they requested the originals, we sent originals, including our passports.  Sending the passports saved us another 8 hour round-trip drive into the heart of Toronto. The only document we are not getting back is the original marriage certificate.  The DR government in Santo Domingo thinks it's more important that they have it.  As for passport pages, we copied the picture pages, and every page with a stamp in it.  Yes, 2 colour copies because it was better to flood them with paperwork, rather than be denied due to lack of copies.  Same thing when you do anything government related on the island.  Bring multiple copies of EVERYTHING.

Regarding translations: I confirmed with the lawyer you must use one of the services listed on the local consulate website. 

If you use someone else it is likely to be returned as unacceptable.

Thanks.  I will do the same.  Just getting the last documents ready in order to send it all.

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