Is Geylang safe to live?

Hi All,

I'm coming to Singapore for a 3 month internship and am looking for accommodation.
I have found a good offer for a rental accommodation at 51 Lorong 32 Geylang, it's in some building known as Casa Emerald.
I've heard that some streets in Geylang are not safe. Please guide me if this place is one of them.
Wanting to be safe in a new country. Though I've also heard that it's one of the most safest countries.

Every corner in Singapore is much safer in compare to any big city in the world. Nothing to be worried.

There is no truth in the myth that Geylang is not safe.
Some (small) part of Geylang is the only legal red light district in Singapore - but even that is safe (and more boring than any other such area in the world). Despite persistent rumours, Geylang is more famous for good food than crime!

Thanks a lot Surya and Beppi. Feels lot better now.
Also I must mention that this forum is doing a great job giving quick response to the queries.
Thanks again.

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