Legal process of not paying rent

Can someone explain how it works.

Can you explain your circumstances?

The process is fairly complicated.

If you are renting then not paying for 90 days can get you evicted.  At 90 days the legal process starts.  However it can get damned uncomfortable before that.

If you are a renter and paid a deposit, it is common practice to live out your deposit.  It isn't legal though. 

As a landlord my advice is always get a lawyer.  Understand your rights and obligations before renting.

More likely if you are not paying your rent and it is your obligation to do so and cannot reach an agreement with the owner, the legal process will not be what you need to worry about. IMHO

No situation with me just curious how it was handled in DR. How do they get you out from being a squatter?

From being one or from having a squatter? 

Being one - just keep doing it.

Having one - get a damn!

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