Investing in Spain

Hello everyone,

During your expatriation in Spain, you might have been made aware of interesting investment schemes (local or international). Whether one wants to make money grow, protect oneself or prepare for retirement, investment is always an attractive option. It is, however, never free of risk. Would you, therefore, like to share some practical information for other expats and expats to be?

Is the Spanish economy open to foreign investment? Do local authorities encourage investment (through formalities, tax etc.)?

What are the promising sectors to invest and do business in Spain?

Who do you turn to for information before investing your money? (organisation, professional, lawyer, consultant)

According to the sectors of activity and the projects, what budget should be foreseen for an investment in Spain?

What do you think are the pitfalls to avoid and what advice would you give someone who wants to invest?

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

Just on the General theme of who one goes to for advice

A ‘wealth warning’.   

Be aware that most financial advisers, and more so those who offer a ‘free’ service, are very probably providing the service to make money for themselves.    Thus they are very likely to recommend the ‘investments’ which makes the most fees of commission for them.   

Whilst the investor can always be in a position to loose, the adviser will almost alway win !

PS    I say that having investigated several fraud cases in UK.

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