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Hi everyone,

I am an Indian national. I am currently living and working in Singapore on an employment pass (EP). I got married in December to my husband who lives and works in Germany (Blue card). I have applied for family reunion (spouse ) visa on December 11 via German embassy in Singapore. While I am waiting for my visa to get approved, I can't help but worry about a few things that I need to sort out to ensure a smooth transition.

1) The processing time says 6 to 8 weeks. Although, my husband just checked with visa office today in Munich (the city i am moving to) and they mentioned, they are still processing September applications. What does this mean for my application processing time? Can it still be processed within 8 weeks or should i expect longer? and how long.

2) When should I ideally resign at my current job. I have to serve a notice period of ~2 months. This period could also be cut short by my company if they want and in that case, my work permit (EP) in Singapore will be cancelled. If my Visa is still under process, and my EP gets cancelled, will that be a problem for my german visa application?

Look forward to your expert advice! Thanks in advance!

I haver first-hand experience of this, although from a long time ago and under a different constellation (I am German, my wife Singaporean):
- Your Family Reunion Visa (FRV) is forwarded to and processed by the foreigners authority of the German town you intend to move to. These foreigner offices are notoriously overworked, inefficient, slow, difficult to reach and deal with. How long your application needs, depands on them and is out of the embassy's control. If the foreigner office told you it will be at least four months, you should plan for that. (In our case - different city and many years ago - it took three months.)
- To be safe, you should resign only after you have the visa (or a definitive date for its issuance). Or you take the risk of a gap inbetween without visa, during which you'd have to return to your country.
For more details about Singapore visa, please post on the Singapore forum!

Thanks beppi! It is really helpful to know.
In case I am open to move back to my country (India), for a few weeks or month, while I wait for the visa. The only thing is my work permit in Singapore will be cancelled by my employer. Would you know if this would have any impact on my family reunion visa application?
Note that I did have to submit my EP copy when I applied. It was one of the docs required for submission.

My EUR 0.02

You applied for the visa stating that you are a resident of Singapore (the application is handled by the ministry through the German consulate in Singapore) and the processing of your visa application is based on this fact. It is based on this fact, the ministry decides what type of investigations they need to do and they work in coordination with the consulate which you applied at.

It is not recommended to change your resident situation while the visa application is being processed. Well if you have to, you can, but it will make everything complex and no one knows how complex it can get.

If you had no intention to stay in Singapore for the whole duration of visa processing, the cleanest way was to go back to India and apply from a consulate in India. Now its too late for that.

As of now, IMHO, the best way is to stay employed where you are now, keep the resident status, wait for your application to be approved and then resign your job, serve the notice period and travel to Germany to join your partner.

Thanks Aneesh! Your reply is very helpful. It's just that waiting for visa approval..followed by serving the notice period is going to take a few more months than I anticipated. Missing out on the precious few first months after wedding is kind of a bummer. But again, life and its ways!   :)  Thanks again for your inputs.

I don't think your visa status in another country (and any change of that) will have an impact on your German visa application.
But since you applied at the embassy in Singapore, you'd probably have to pick it up from there too - regardless of whether you still live there or not.

Yes, I'd have to collect my Visa from german embassy in Singapore. Thanks beppi. It helps to know all the options I got.

Hi Everyone,

I have some questions regarding the Family Reunion Visa as well.

I've just recently moved from Singapore to Berlin last October 2019. I have not gotten my residence permit/blue card since my schedule is on March 2020.

My partner and I (both Filipino national)s have been together for 8 years in Singapore and we plan to get married in Denmark this May 2020. My question is, will my partner be allowed to apply for the Family Reunion Visa afterwards? Because I read somewhere that, if the marriage was after I was awarded my residence permit, my partner may be required to wait until I have had the permit for two years before he can apply.

Does he need to wait for two years before he can apply? What are our other options?

Looking forward to any advice. Thank you!

Did you ask the embassy, or your nearest Ausländeramt in Germany?
I think that’s better than depending on second hand information from the Internet.

Where did you hear of this 2 year rule? I never heard of such a thing – it doesn’t make any sense in the context of how immigration works. Government officials are concerned with scrutinizing if a marriage is legitimate rather than just on paper and that people fulfill the requirements. Otherwise, they are not in the business in blocking people’s marriages or keeping families separated. Of course things like a serious criminal conviction or having been deported from the EU are things that would disqualify one from being allowed to come. And assuming you get the blue card, the qualifications for family reunion are even laxer than for one with a normal work permit.

Hi TominStuttgart,

I read the 2 year rule here: … -families/ … ny-108796/

Do you think it is correct?

Thank you!

Hi Everyone,

Just a follow-up question - if don't I get a blue card, will my partner needs to have an A1 German level for the Family Reunion Visa?

Appreciate any advice. Thank you!

A1 cert is only required for FRV if the main person is German.
You are not, so your wife doesn't need it.
It is nevertheless HIGHLY recommended to be able to converse in German while living here!

Update from my side for everyone's benefit:

The German embassy in Singapore has informed me via email that my EP status in Singapore doesn't affect my application in any way. Of course, I will have to collect my visa from the embassy in Singapore physically once it is approved.

Another little query if anyone knows anything:
It has been 8 weeks for my application and I just queried my application status in Singapore and they say they are waiting to hear back from alien office (Ausländerbehörde) in München.

While my husband asked the alien office in Munich and they have said that my application is not yet with them. As soon as the alien office receives it, they will notify my husband for additional document requirements.
I am just wondering, what does this mean? Singapore has sent out my application long back (December 11) and is waiting to hear back. So, how can the alien office not have received it by now?
Will appreciate anyone sharing any knowledge on this.

The Ausländeramts are old-fashioned, slow and inefficient. Everything is on paper (sent from and to the embassy by diplomatic mail) and there is no central database to check application statuses. Thus such a reply (by phone, so unproveable) means nothing.
The only thing you can do is wait (and pray, if you want).
These foreigner offices are a disgrace for Germany and their sole purpose seems to be to make foreigners feel unwelcome (they succeed in this!). Sorry!

Thanks, beppi. I understand. I wish it was easier to wait. Although I have to say, quick responses from the German embassy in Singapore have helped me a long way in planning my move with minimal hassle. And I am really thankful for it.

There is good news though - my husband just received a physical letter from alien office just yesterday requesting additional documents from his side. We hope this means our application is under review now and shouldn't take much longer to come to the conclusion. Looking forward to it! I will update the forum with more information.

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