I just need some advice

I have exit re entry visa in saudi Arabia.. But the exit re entry that my company gave was expired.. Exact day that they gave me tickets.. So the airlines didn't allow me to go.. And my company promised me they will give extensions for it..

My question is.. Can i accept a work from Saudi Arabia also.. Different company.. Or if i accept it I will be having a problem in immigration??? Because of the exit re entry.. Pls help..

Exit re-entry and transfer of work are two totally separate things.

Exit re-entry only allows you to leave the Kingdom and come back.

If you accept a job with another employer, you would need to transfer your Iqama to them and then they will issue a NEW exit re-entry visa.

And you cannot transfer the Iqama if you are outside KSA on ERE.  You can accept offer, go on your vacation, come back, resign, serve notice period and then ask the other employer to transfer your Iqama.  Provided both employers agree with this.

Thank you so much

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