Job wanted! German language teacher, Projectmgmt, leading experience

I'm Melanie from Germany, living in the West of Mauritius nearly one year now.
I was hired as a German teacher, that was the reason why I came to Mauritius and I loved to make this experience.
In Germany I was working in the photo studios of Zalando (biggest online retailer in Europe) as the Production Lead of the Premium Department. I organized the daily productions for the website  content and was leading 30 employees.
At least I was a Project Manager for a non-profit Organisation to help and to teach Entrepreneurs to build up their own businesses.
Since February 2020 I teach young locals my origin language, German, to help them to a better future and collaborate with local companies. And I love my job!
Unfortunately, I have not every month a badge to teach, which makes it quiet difficult for me to stay and to live in here. So I have to have a look for another job, where I can work daily, as a normal employee, to be able to stay in Mauritius and to share and improof my skills.
If you think my experiences, mainly as a Mediator and Organisator, would fit to your company, don't hesitate to contact me.

Bonne journée,

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