Client refuse to pay. Anyone had similar experience? I need suggestion

I had 2 expat clients (one Indian and one Australian) who refuse to pay for the lessons we provided, both worth less than 60 USD. They have promised to pay for the service and have not managed to pay it till now and it's been more than 3 months. We have sent them lots of email for reminder but they just ignore our messages - seems they just don't want to pay. We know that it is just a small money and might be nothing to them but we are just a small business so that money really means to us and we think that we should get paid of the time we spent for the work.

The Indian lady even accused us of trying to scam her by copying her signature but after we gave her some proofs then she admit that it was her mistake. She promised to pay the lesson asap but it turned out that her bank account had problem and she would pay it soon, she said. Sadly, she ended up blocking my WhatsApp after we sent her another reminder. While the Australian cancelled some lessons without advance notice so the tutor has already arrive at their place and spent time in traffic and transportation. It might be that he is not very happy to pay for the cancelled lesson - if he feels that way, at least he should still pay one lesson he took. We also have already informed them about cancellation policy in advance and they said they are ok with it.

If they don't have the money to pay it or if there's other reasons that make them don't wanna pay, they should just tell us, not ignoring us like this. Seems like they are people who never have any respect to others and it is sad to see that kind of behavior. I know their Facebook and also the company they are working at but so far we only contacted them via email and WhatsApp. And we are trying to be patient to face them and don't want to disclose their profile but we are still very annoyed with them.

Does anyone have similar experience? Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Just go through whatever the normal recovery procedure is.

I have no such experience. But if I were in your situation and since they blocked your WhatsApp account then I would try calling their company and asking to speak to them. That way they know that you know where to find them and also it is kind of embarrassing as they perhaps would not want other people in the company knowing that they are scammers. Also, I don't a word of the woman who said there is a problem with her bank.

You're an Indonesian.  Do you have any friends or friends of friends who are POLDA, or associated with POLDA?

I've only known a few expats who tried to put the screws to a local, but more often than not, the simple threat of going to the police has worked wonders.

I didn't realize you are Indonesian. If you are then you have a lot more power than maybe you realize as Ubudian has pointed out. Use your connections. Foreigners do not want issues with the police.

I know nothing about your business or how this is set up but I presume you have followed the usual criteria and taken a copy of identification? Not totally sure but would a certain Visa be required to receive training? Possibly not
If so complain to immigration and or police maybe?
A fabrication yard close to the one I work at has similar issues with expats and Indonesian businesses not paying bills and these are huge amounts that would retire anyone, police are not interested but immigration have been I can only presume lack of interest from police is that it’s personal / contractual and not criminal as such

Im sorry for what happened to u, I can also understand that are money that means to u but Im not sure if its worth breaking ur head on that, maybe better let them go and let the Karma do is job.

If this is a lot of money for you then tell them you will make a police and immigration report.

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