Considering moving to spain

Considering moving to Spain.

Hi! My name is Oshiro, I'm a Brazilian web developer. My wife and I are considering moving to Spain. But we have a lot of questions about the visa. :/

My wife is half Brazilian/Italian (with EU Visa). We are digging in a lot of sites looking for information, but we have some questions:

How can we get resident permission in Spain?

I work to a Brazilian tech company and my salary is around 1400 €. My wife is a freelance designer.

We need a minimum amount of money in our bank account to get resident permission? Or just some bank statement for the last months?

How can I pay my taxes in Spain?

I will receive my salary from a Brazilian company. How can I pay my taxes in Spain? And how much it will cost?

Thanks! :)

Moving to Spain is a great idea!  Spain is without a doubt an extraordinary country!  I would advise anyone looking for a "new country" to do exactly what you're planning.   :top:

Those are questions that most ex-pats -- or soon to be ex-pats -- ask.  I would suggest the best resource is your own country's guidance about their tax requirements and also seeing what Spain itself requires.  I would suggest that the most up to date information would be from the Spanish Consulate in your home country.

I wish you the very best of luck!


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