Chef relocating in Canada

I’m looking to get information on relocating. I’m a chef with over 15 years experience, I’ve been told by many immigration firms that I don’t qualify for any programs, so how does one apply for a temporary work permit? I am a skilled worker but not in the field of work that’s in demand. Not sure what options I have and wondering if I should just give up in my attempt to live in Canada.

Why not contact hotel chains for possible employment.

Don't give up just yet.

The most "foodie" and restaurant-loving part of Canada is Quebec, specifically Montreal and Quebec City. And the is now providing the largest number of individuals with cooking skills than anywhere else in Canada/US!
At the same time, Quebec, like everywhere else in the western world, has a dire shortage of skilled people and 144,000 unfilled employment positions. Considering the crisis, rules are being waived and emergency measures been taken with immigrants.
Quebec also runs its OWN immigration system separate from that of the Federal government (that controls all the other provinces and likely who you have been dealing with). If you speak both English and can write your own ticket.

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