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I am facing some issues regarding DP visa. My husband has joined as a Resident Physician in one of the hospitals. So my husband got this job through some consultancy and it was clearly mentioned in the mails that dp application will be started once EP is approved. My husband's EP got approved in Oct and he joined the hospital in Dec, the HR from the consultancy said that will start the DP after completion of 3 months, but the HR from the hospital is saying will start immediately (that was in Dec).
Now the dp application has been sent to the hospital HR and she has been saying this for a month that app will be submitted this week and when we ask her about the status there is no response from her end. The application which has been sent to the hospital HR doesn't have my husband's signature, and hospital HR told that EP holder signature is not required now.

Considering the above scenario, I have a few questions:

1) Is it true that EP's signature is not required for DP application in the submission stage?
2) How can we check that dp application has been started? we don't have any application no. yet
3) Can I come on a social visit pass for a month or two?
4) Can my husband start my social visit visa from SG only?
5) In how many days dp processing is done?

Sorry for such a long query..Looking forward to your answers.

It seems your case is another example where emplyment agencies make things more difficult. But these issues should be silely between you and the employer (none other can apply for you).
1 and 2: Ask MoM!
3: Yes, but don’t try to (ab-)use an SVP to in fact reside here - this could negatively affect your chances for another visa!
4: To my knowledge only at an embassy abroad.
5: Usually a few days to two weeks - if he earns above S$6000/month.

Thank you so much

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