Living in Greece for 15 months.

My partner and I will be moving to Greece for 15 months in October, living in Thessaloniki, while I complete a Master's Degree. Although we travel a lot, neither of us has lived overseas before. My question is aimed at expats I guess, about what extra gear is worth bringing, that you wouldn't normally take on a holiday. What things do you wish you had with you, that you left behind?

We will be renting a furnished apartment for the duration, so we are not likely to need much extra, maybe just some creature comforts. Is it worth bringing things like a favourite pillow for example, for that length of time? I would like to bring 1 or 2 of my sharp kitchen knives, (yes, fussy). My partner says if the knives are blunt at the rental, just buy some in Greece. What is expensive in Greece that is best brought from home?

We will have 70kgs of luggage allowance between us, so may as well utilize it all. :)

Hi,to advise you that north Greece gets a harder winter than down here in Athens where I am so be sure to bring very warm winter clothes,temperatures up there can drop well below freezing I believe.My brother travels a lot and always has his own pillow in his luggage,as I do.If you take any medication its best to bring a good supply with you,not because its expensive but you might have to visit a GP or specialist as not all medication can be bought over the counter,much can of course without prescription which seems rather strange.Supplements are off the scale expensive,shockingly,so bring with you a good supply if you require them.This sounds strange but sensitive tooth paste is too expensive here,the only one that I can use is nearly five euro for a small tube so I always buy when I see offers,like two for one,I bring from UK, many in my suitcase if I go as its way cheaper there.Perfume is very expensive here,the real deal ones,lots of copies are cheap but awful.The womens high street clothes shops have nice,bit cheaper perfumes.If either of you have any medical conditions it would be a good idea to bring any paper work with by way of medical proof should you need care from doctors or hospitals,they dont like to just take someones word for it.I hope this helps you a little,good studying.

Thanks for the reply Concertina.  We will be sure to bring warm clothes but may have to buy some  as well as it doesn't get too cold where we are from.  Yes the pillows are coming!!
Fortunately, neither of us have any medical conditions and rarely need any type of medication.  Good to know on vitamins - I will bring extra to cover the duration.
We travel to BALI a lot and I buy all of our toiletries there as it's ultra cheap - things like sunscreen, deoderant, tootbrushes, toothpaste,  shampoo etc.  Is it worth bringing extra of those type of things or are they cheap enough in Greece?

Hi,first of all,lucky you being somewhere it doesnt get too cold,Im killed this winter here,I hate it,bring on the hot,hot summer.To tell you that my son travels around a lot and and always vacuum packs his cases, the contents,thus increasing space and decreasing weight I guess.Is it done with a machine then?Good sunscreen is expensive here.The pharmacies sell very nice products from top companies,French Swiss,German,they sell products from two well known and very nice Greek companies,keep an eye as they sometimes have reductions.I guess you know of the food markets on the streets called Lykee,much much cheaper fruit and vegetables,just piled high,wonderful,I go towards the end about one thirty,two pm and its reduced even more,amazing prices and so fresh.careful to wear a pouch around the front of you in crowded situations at all times,in shops, on the street,standing on buses,metro etc..wear a back bag around the front of you,never ever on you back with the opening exposed,I was robbed from my back bag recently,they opened the zip in a crowded shop,they work as a team,one very tall and open your bag,so bum pouch bags around the front of you.A friend of mine was robbed of one hundred and fifty euro recently whilst buying a metro ticket,they put their hand in to the pocket of his shorts,the ones that are long past the knee with pockets,he had his money in there,he didnt understand a thing,neither did I,one of them will often distract you by speaking to you.

Yes Concertina, we had this experience in Athens in 2018.  Luckily we had emptied my partners wallet of excess money and credit cards just before we went out.  He too was wearing cargo shorts with the pockets at the knees.  He felt the guys hand go in his pocket and slapped the pocket - the guy got nothing.  It was on a crowded train at Monastiraki about 10.30pm.
I carried a little leather backpack but when you lift the flap, surprise, surprise - it's padlocked!!!  All our luggage we padlocked as well - 7 padlocks in all!!
Thanks for all the other tips.

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