Unfavorable Working Environment Due to a Fraud Company

Hi. I was new here. I personally look for this kind of forum to find suggestions about my current situation.
I was recently hired in this company. I was recommended by a friend who also work here in UAE, Abu Dhabi. This friend of mine tells me all about the good things in this company so I was convinced to apply and send a CV. To make it short, they gave me a work visa out of the position I was applying for. I applied for the position of a Hairdresser but gave me a Masseur work visa. My salary offered is 1500 AED. I still agreed on that bec. my friend told me that they'll change it after once I get here. So when I get here. I got surprised because the name of the company has a Salon name but in reality it's a Home Service. They offer  Salon services but it's a Home Service. They told me that I had to do a job that I'm not capable with. I had motion sickness when riding a car. I carry heavy luggages bec. of the things we need to bring. What's worse is this company doesn't allow their staff to have an off day for 3 months. No commissions, No Off for 3 months bec. I'm under provision. All of them gone through with that. I was not really happy bec. It's not what I expected. I wanted to quit in this job I'm not really happy Theyre forcing me to do the job to what I'm really applying for. I wanted to go back in my country but I'm afraid of what will they do to me. I wanted to ask our Embassy to seek help so they can get me out of this. I tell my situation to my friend who recommended me but advice me that it's just only 3 months and after that I will be ok but I can't work for something I did not applied for. And after 3 months they'll ask me to sign the contract so it will be 2 yrs and 3 months bec. they will not include the 3 months that I'm under provisionary so I wanted to quit. Will my employer sue me or file charges against me if ever I wanted to quit or ask me to pay for the visa. I'm Anyways I still don't have residence ID yet coz still on process. I'm already more than one month in this company but I can't stay any longer.
Can anyone give me advice?
Thank You

Look, you have one of two ways:

1) Resign during probation period giving notice of 30 days.  You don't need to pay any costs
2) File a labor dispute if there are issues and they don't accept.  Read the guidelines:

https://government.ae/en/information-an … r-disputes

Yes, MOHRE (Ministry of Labour previously) will suggest a solution if you visit them to their nearest office besides you.

Thank you. I get lured by my friend when she recommended me in this company so I regreted believing on her. Thanks for the advice.

Thank you. This enlighten me very much. Thanks for the advice.

Good luck and you need better taste in friends :).

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