seeking a business partner

Hi, I am Wayan Suad from Bali, presently seeking a business partner. I own a land located near Candidasa ( 1 hour from airport) potential of becoming a tourist destination (nearby a cliff and a virgin beach). This location is suitable for holiday and retirees.


Wayan Suad

Hey Wayan !
I moved your post to a brand new topic, so you could have more specific answers.
Tell the community more about you project, and maybe you'll find someone who will be attracted to it.
Also, you can go to the Bali classifieds and seek for a business partner there.
Have a great day :)

Hello Wayan. I wonder why you don't try to find a local Balinese or Indonesian partner. Foreigners have restrictions on what they can do in Indonesia and certainly I as a foreigner would be worried about get ripped off.

Candi Dasa is a place where I have some of the best memories of my first year in Bali, but it was so long time ago, now Im sorry to say that Candi Dasa is dyjng, a lot of Hotels and restaraunt are closing, Virgin Beach is no more virgin from long time, full of sun beds and umbrellas, no sign of interest in something to do from the governator.

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