I need help moving on from my Moroccan ex!!

need help and advice I'm really struggling...

It's a long story so please bear with me... so last june I went on holiday to turkey and met a lovely moroccan guy, didnt get together or anything but once I got home he started messaging me alot, being straight forward about do I like him, I did, he was cute and his messages made me feel good, I saw him getting alot of attention on instagram off girls and him also following and liking photos, it caused is to argue quite abit, he then used to ask me for money about 600 euros to help him get back to Morocco after the season as ended, I didn't of course he sorted it with his manager but he said I dont care for him

Anyway he went back to Morocco in November and i had 2 girls message me sending me screenshots that they also were in relationships with him, him asking them to marry him saying he loved them also and when they asked about me he said i was his ex and he was using me to help him get to Europe. He begged and begged to stay with me blocking the girls and I was stupid I stayed. I loved him and I knew he loves me,he said I was his first love, he would not leave me alone but it was always girls, he didnt like photos any more but I still had a gut feeling something wasnt right.

When I found out about the girls he changed his number but never gave it me so I couldn't see if he was active on WhatsApp I'm guessing, I was just after christmas filling out Visa application with him and it wanted his number so I asked him and he sent it, I saved the number and watched his activity on WhatsApp and he was online every 5 minutes, I waited 8 hours before the anger got too much and I told him, thing is i wasnt angry but it was normal to keep getting this kind of thing from him, the person he was messaging turned out not to be a girl but a scammer to him, he sent me screenshots of the messages but then told me we was finished for good and he would never come back to me.

I'm heart broken, I don't know if it's the habit, the rejection I cant handle, or the fact I know hes talking to more girls, he says hes staying single. We never had closeness kisses etc but I had him in my life for 7 month everyday, hes told me hes free he can message who he wants and it's true but it hurts.

I've told him the girls are just someone he messages young girls with no money who will never go see him, he just makes them and them him feel good from messages. Hes going back to turkey next month to work the season and I have holiday there in march, he says if he sees me speak with any man there, animation team bar man anyone then he will show me what he can do with girls but he says all girls want fun and sex so he will show me.

It all sounds pathetic now I've wrote it down and I should walk away and say good riddance but I cant, I've deleted his Facebook amd instagram and blocked his WhatsApp but after the other night when I told him I would not ignore anyone at the hotel that I also am single and free he said he was blocking me, he sent long message saying he will show me his game then next message was that hes sorry and he loves me good bye then blocked,I keep stalking his social media to see if hes active, I have 2 Instagrams accounts, his instagram and Facebook are open, hes not blocked my Facebook though and that probably so he knows we can still contact if we need to

Please give me some advice, I love the man but I don't know why, I've had a gut feeling all the way through the 7 month, all girls want him, hes so nice but I need to move on and get over him, I know I'm stupid and should not have let it go this far.

Please help!!
Desperate girl

Hi again.

I really have nothing constructive to add to what I had previously said.  I think you already know the answer; you've already told us; you need to move on and get over him - it's really that simple.  The hard bit is how you do it; stop stalking his social media accounts would be a good start.

What the guy is doing is pretty obvious (even to you) if you think about it; he's looking for his best passport to the UK, the one that's going to look nice on his arm while keeping him in a nice environment.  His family are never going to accept you as his wife and these relationships normally crash and burn after a few months in the UK, but he's now in your house.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I know you are right, I think it's more I struggle with rejection and knowing hes talking to more girls than me actually being upset about losing him.

I need to work on myself and accept that it would never work, too many things have happened now for us to ever be happy, I'm still going on my holiday it's only for one week and hopefully by then I'll have forget if I ever can stop stalking his social media

I sound pathetic and once I'm over him i will regret this and putting up with him for so long

Thank you again for your reply

make new friend, which will helps.

I always thought holiday romances were exactly that and nothing more.

Anyway, as others have said, find someone more serious. If you like foreigner men then perhaps consider moving and living and working overseas. It's not just that you'd find interesting people but you'd also feel that you were on holiday every single day of your life.

It's not possible to move abroad just yet, I have my own business here and its successful so I'd never leave that for a man
I spoke too him last night and hes saying hes happy single now, we will speak when I go on holiday and we will see in future, when I questioned him on this he said he doesnt know what will happen in future we could get back together, I cant wait for that though, i have to start living my life, I'm struggling with keeping friends with him on social media though but cant delete him.

Why I'm seeing him as a better person now than when I was with him I'll never know

You'll get all kinds of advice here, actually it's a bit weird posting your situation here since it is so personal. But I think most of us know that you were played by a player. We guys sort of know this. And, anyway, since that guy is playing around with other women, why on earth would you want anything more to do with him unless you enjoy sharing him. Even if you were to get more serious or even get married to him then for certain he'd be playing around with other women. So count yourself lucky to have nothing more to do with him.

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