Changing Tourist Visa to Family Immigration

Good day fellas! Filipina here.
I wanna know if somebody here have an experience applying and changing tourist visa to family immigration. Is it possible? May I know how and what possible papers to prepare?
I am in Norway. Just got married last week to my Norwegian boyfriend. My visa will expire two weeks from now, . So, I am looking for someone who could give us an advice of  what to do next.

Thank you for giving time to read this post.


i heard that you need to go home since you are in a tourist visa and apply family immigration in your country. For you to be sure just call UDI, have the best of luck!

Thank you. I appreciate your quick response.

If you are a skilled worker or a degree holder and have your documents with you (TOR and diploma) that you will submit together with the requirements liste in the UDI checklist you can change status while you are in Norway under a tourist visa. The challenginh part is that you need to be able to hand in yout documents at the politi before your permitted tourist stay is out, meaning you should launch an application at the UDI self service portal >pay> book a schedule in your local politi which is within your tourist stay.

Once you have handed in you papers at the politi on your selected schedule, you will then be allowed to stay in Norway and wait for the result. Take note that you are not allowed to exit Norway if the result is not out yet, because once you exit Norway you will not be allowed back in without a valid visa.

But since you said you only have two weeks, it depends if you can get a schedule in the politi in your area. Honestly it seems like you don't have enough time.

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