Transport around Mauritius

We want to visit Mauritius to see the island and all it’s different areas firsthand, so want to travel around it entirely.

My first thought was hiring a car but having read about the traffic and accidents, I have second thoughts.

We would come for approx 9 days.

Any advice is very welcome.


Hi Hankman,

Well, maybe taxi service will suit your needs. Someone who can drive you around and accompany you. Perhaps members can suggest you a few trustworthy contacts in private message.


Thanks! I hope someone does!


Welcome to Mauritius!

There are serval types of transports available (Public Buses, Tax, Private/Rent Car and even Metro). It all depends on your budget and preference.

Public buses are more economical when you compare with private transport and operate till 07:15 PM (as per the NTC website). You may also visit their website and plan your trip accordingly.

To hire a private car or rent a car is easily accessible by the website (try to google it) and shops are available in most of the tourist attractions.


Thanks Muhammad

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