Starting a small business

Hey everyone!

In need of some guidance,

I am an expat ( US Citizen )
I have moved back to Sri Lanka to be closer to family.
I want to start my own small business and need some advice on how to start. I want to open up a stationary store.
I want to know what licenses do I need to start,
I am on Tourist Visa for now, should I switch to the one year resident or duel Citizenship.
and how much does it cost to rent space in majestic city or liberty plaza?

Thank you for all you help!

You need to talk to an expert.

I have consulted SPILLBURG Holdings, who have handled my business registration and my visa for 4 years. I have found them to be honest, competent and well connected.

Talk to ***

Kind regards and best wishes


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Hello, Renting in Majestic city or Liberty plaza will not be a "small business".


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