Driving my car from UAE to KSA on a Saudi Visit Visa

Hi folks,

I am moving to Riyadh next month. My iqama will probably take a few months for it to be issued. In the meantime I would like to take my car with me on my Saudi visit visa to use there instead of renting one there. Is it possible for me to drive my car from UAE to KSA and keep my Dubai plate number on it using my Saudi visit visa? It is a 2017 model.

If this is possible,
- What are the procedures?
- Do I need a valid UAE Residency? (mine will be cancelled on my last working day)
- How long can I keep the car in KSA using a Dubai plate?
- Can I register my car in KSA once my Saudi iqama is issued?
- Can I also take my wife’s car separately?

It's a lot of questions, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

This thread is about importing a car to KSA:


However, you are not exporting from the UAE and just driving the car to Saudi.  You won't be able to register the car in Saudi until or unless you follow this process once your Iqama has been issued.   

And you can't keep it on UAE number plate once your Iqama is issued.  Usually there are no issues for visitors but Iqama holders will face problems during police checks or if there is an accident.

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