Iqama will expire on april 2020

I have been here in saudi arabia since 2016 and its almost 4 years i got terminated since oct 2019 and its been 3 months i dont have a job on oct 2019 i files a case in MOL because my sponsor not giving me my benefits and overtime pay since then i didnt get amy job now i have an offer from a new company and i asked my old company  for a transfer and give me my release paper and they refuse because they are saying i filed a complain in MOL and asking me to write a letter or a clarification letter that i got all my dues and i dont need anything from them to br able to give my realease paper and for them to approve my transfer but i didnt get any end of service and overtime pay i only got the unpaid leave and couple of days salary.

Now i want to ask if i can transfer to the new company without there approval my iqama is going to expire on april and its only 3 months before my iqama expire can i transfer??

Kindly please answer my question very urgent please reply

Please i need help urgent

Have you informed Philippine embassy about your situation? Also, POLO/OWWA will help in this stance.

While your case is pending in court, you can request temporary work permit from MOL office to work in a new company, however, they will ask you to submit some relevant documents from your prospective new employer.

You can go direct to the company without them.

I asked them for the temporary work permit and they keep on telling me ajeer ajeer.  What is taht ajeer i searched it in the google and i found it i register and i dont know how to get the permit.

Kindly please help me

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