Looking for an Accommodation or Housing Information in Riyadh

Hello Group,

I will be soon moving to Riyadh from Dubai for a 3-months project and as of now I do not have an accommodation. The information available online for accommodation for single ladies is very scarce. I would appreciate if you could help me with some indications of local agents or any good and reliable sources that are posting on accommodation for ladies, or shared accommodation - I am not really sure if this is legal in KSA. I have tried: booking.com, bayut, property finder, airbnb...no luck as of now... -_-

Single women from EU are something quite new to KSA, so I am a bit challenged in finding something suitable. Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello Garcia.  Where abouts are you looking?  Which exit..  How many rooms etc.


I am looking for 1 room and 1 washroom only, somewhere close to Al Malaz.
Thank you.

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