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Hello there,
I'm new to the forum and I'm currently attending a biomedical university course in Italy, but the next year I would like to change to another scientific field. I'm thinking about zoology or physiotherapy (which I both like). After the university my plans are to move to Bali. Which scientific jobs from those two are more requested in Indonesia? And also more important, do you have other strong suggestions about good university courses that would offer a solid job in Bali?

As most universities here don't use English, you might well need to become fluent in Indonesian. As for which courses are offered, it's a matter of searching through the internet, probably starting with google to find the establishments.
Then comes immigration law.....

Sorry Fred, maybe I haven’t well explained myself...I will attend the university in Italy and then, after I will finish the studies I have in program to move to Bali. My question is about the best university courses (in Italy) that could offer a solid job once in Bali, since unfortunately I don’t have a panoramic of the most requested works in Bali...

Research is the key to this one as these are specialist fields so laymen will have little idea.  However, jobs for foreigners  in Indonesia are limited so digging up information on Indonesian universities and the courses they offer is still valid as you can choose the field that's weaker here, thus less competition so more hope of work.
However, immigration law could still give you problems.

Jobs in medical care for foreigners are near impossible to find.  Most all of those jobs are reserved for locals. 

Zoology might offer more opportunities, but those opportunities will likely be more abundant with NGO’s.

Thank you all for the responses. I know that jobs in medical care are very difficult to practice for foreigners...but do you know if maybe you can open a private structure and then practice your profession (maybe by opnening it in association with a local) or this is also impossible? And another question...can you practice the profession of pharmacist (in public or private structures) or this is inclueded in the jobs forbidden for foreigners?

I think it would be impossible to become a pharmacist in Indonesia.

But why are you saying that? Because pharmacist is a forbidden job for foreigners?

Al3ssandro :

But why are you saying that? Because pharmacist is a forbidden job for foreigners?

There are so many around, your chances of a work permit are very limited. However, if you manage that much, you'll need to be able to speak fluent Indonesian to be of any use to local doctors.

Thank you so much for the info! So the only thing to do is to search for the weakest fields in the Indonesian economy and then try to enter in one of those...

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