Job opportunity in logistics

Hi I m planning to move to Australia soon
I have decade work experience in logistics
I want to know how is job market in Australia for supply chain management

Yes there are such jobs.
Best you search online for a possible job.

What is the steps to follow from first day of landing at the airport  ( like finding bed space , cost of leaving , way to find jobs , Any registration with local authorities

Google is your friend.

You need to find job before you arrive so that employer can arrange visas.
Cost of living


Do they hire employees not being in Australia or one has to b in Australia to find job

Yes they do hire people who are not in Australia at the time of application.
You check out jobs online whilst in your own country, apply and see what happens.

If you are young enough you can apply for a working holiday visa.

Try this website   visa sub class 417 is the working holiday visa.

If applying for work online you will need to have formal qualifications that can be verified along with work experience.


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