Volunteering as ESL assistant in a Colombian school or university


I am a retired teacher/professor of Spanish and French. I have also taught ESL in Argentina (as a volunteer), translation/translation theory/Spanish literature  in Mexico and ESL in Spain. My youngest student was 3; the oldest was 85.
Having spent a great deal of time in Medellin, I would like to live there, either in Medellin or in Bucaramanga.
I don't need a paying job; just interested in volunteering as a way to spent some of my time.
Going to the gym, travel, meeting new people are some of my passions. I would accept a paid position if it were part-time, that is no more than 15-20 hours a week.
How would I find a position as a volunteer there? I have no contacts in Colombia.


Hi Jon,  I see you have posted the same thing as Duane H Bell, here:


There are numerous opportunities in and around Medellín for volunteers, as well as in other Colombian cities.  I can't guarantee you'll be able to volunteer as an ESL person, but I'd bet that at any university where English was taught you'd be accepted as a volunteer readily - you just have to ask them.  Go there and ask them in person, that way they could be immediately impressed with your suitability as an ESL teacher.  Or send them an email, it'd be easy.  See this page here for example, their email address is at the bottom, for the Universidad de Medellín:

https://www.udem.edu.co/index.php/servi … de-idiomas

For many additional opportunities as a volunteer, just do a search (for instance, for Medellín):
medellin voluntariado

There are many possibilities, from volunteering in orphanages, animal shelters, hospitals, you name it.  Reach out to them and they'll be happy to discuss it with you.

i Imagine you will have tons of opportunity. If you were in Santa Marta I would defiantly have options for you.

Thanks for all the tips!



I have been to Santa Marta. It's a really neat place. However, I do prefer a somewhat larger place, such as Medellin or Bucaramanga.



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