Need advice!


I just want to ask if there’s someone experienced who apply their family to get/live here in Norway due to calamity in PH.

My family lived very close in Taal Volcano, and since sunday, they evacuated due to volcanic eruption. Our house is totally destroyed. They cant get enough foods and their needs in evacuation center. So I have think that maybe they can stay with me here in Norway.

My friend recommend me that this is possible, but I dont know how..

My family I am talking about is only 2 sisters 1 with mental disability, 1 single mother) and 1 niece.

Anyone have ideas about this situations?? I am not talking about visitor visa.

I hope I can get any help from y’all. Have a nice evening.

What you can do is directly inquire with UDI, discuss this under the humanitarian grounds as basis for the visa. There is always a possibility but it may be really low, and UDI can answer your inquiry better.

Thanks stephy for your response. If it is possible, what kind of visa it is?

I really appreciate for your help!

It can be family reunification under humanitarian grounds. But better call udi to get this cleared if it is possible.

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