Question about driving in Vietnam and Bitcoin.

Hello guys.

I will move to Vietnam soon. Since I love to drive motorcycle I would like to confirm if is okay to drive there if i have Filipino driving license and how long i can drive using their driving licence? Should I have also international driving license?

And please help me if you know is there any way to convert bitcoin to cash easily and smoothly?

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I'm pretty sure you have to get a local driving license, which is based on the length of your visa.

Check this previous thread:

I am surprised that ASEAN has not worked out some kind of driver's license reciprocity for it's citizens.  I believe they have visa free short term entry and making driving legal would be similar.

Eduardo. You will need to get a licence here and then it will only be for a motorbike under 200cc.  As you are obviously aware, driving here is manic with no rules whatsoever and any foreigner involved in an accident seems to be automatically to blame.  As for the 200cc limit it may seem a little small but unless you want to do. great deal of long distance travelling it is perfectly adequate, in fact a 125cc to 150cc is easier still in the traffic. I made the mistake of getting a Super Licence with unlimited cc and a car licence but to be frank I rarely use either. A standard licence is easy to obtain and if you get the right contact you will not have to even take a test. You can drive a 50cc with no licence at all which does for most travel within HCM.

As for Bitcoin: You might check out  (they are around since 2014; one of their founders is also regularly attending our meetups), they have cash-out options in Hanoi and HCMC.

In smaller cities you are probably having a harder time; but they also have Bitcoin meetups in Vung Tau or Da Nang.

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