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Hi! My name is Ang from Philippines. Don’t know if this is appropriate to ask this question here. But hoping someone could answer me.
I have a job offer in Papua New Guinea, one of  requirements is to submit Radiological report to start the process of my working visa. I have a lung scar. But no history of Lung problem/ diseases. I even have a fit to work clearance from a pulmonologist back in 2017 and didn’t require me for any medication coz according to him my scar don’t need any treatment coz it’s just a scar. And no changes in size or anything. My concern here is: I wanna know if Papua is very strict to accept foreign workers with lung scar? I know the only person could answer this is the diagnostic clinic accredited by PnG here in Philippines. But most of the time, diagnostic clinics here would just unfit people because of scar. They  adapt the rule of middle east. And I know PNG isnt part of GAMCA rule/ middle east. Atleast, before I proceed to have a medical exam and spend money,  I want an idea if there will be possibilities I could work there.
Is there someone there with a good heart and have time to answer my question. Thank yoh so much and I wish everyone here a healthy and happy 2020.

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