New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourselves here - 2020

Hi all,

Newbie on the Dominican Republic forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Dominican Republic if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi! I have enjoyed reading many of your enlightening and inspiring posts over the last few days. I am currently living in the US and plan to move soon (I am in early stages).

Presently, I would welcome any referrals for attorneys to assist with the visa process.. or any other tidbits/advice you can offer on that topic.

But most pressingly—and in the meanwhile—I want to send out a happy Hello to you all. I am so pleased to meet you — and am delighted to join the conversation... if you will have me. :) the forums!  And thank you for the sunny hellos! 

In the residencia thread there are a few good recommendations honey,.have a.look and ask any questions you need to!

Hello I live in Puerta Plata I been here for a year I am very happy to be a part of the forum looking forward to the fellowship. Presently i am trying to buy a car i would appreciate any help it is very difficult .Also i would like to talk to mr Cruffman. Is he still on the forum?

good morning, May3....this is cruffman. i would like to help you buy a car. please send me your phone number or other contact, so we can make mutual acquaintance.

have a great day


Welcome May3.   Glad to see our forums are working!

Cruffman -  new members cannot send private messages yet. YOU need to message her honey!

Hello Mike thanks for response my number is *** im on whatsapp looking forward to talking to you.

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thahku for the welcome

Honey please don't post your number on a public forum.  It's both not allowed and not safe. 

I will make sure Mike reaches out to you

hi there, may3....please shoot me your number by return message so i can make contact with you regarding buying a car..

mike cruffman.

Cruffman you have to send her a private message. So I am going to do it for you guys....LOL

oh ok sorry thanku for telling me

You are very welcome!

Hi, I had register a few days, i'm living in Santiago de los Caballeros for quite some time now. Looking forward to open a business to be more precise a beauty salon.

Welcome to the forums!  Lots of info and advice here!

Hi also new here,
Thanks for exchanging on expat, it has helped me to better understand my interest about this great place and also so important, what to do with my goals and my dream now. I am looking forward to make friends and I hope we can help each others make our lives a better place.
I wish you great success in achieving your goals everyone

Welcome to you as well!!   

Please don't hesitate to ask questions in the various threads.  Can't find a topic.or an answer start a new thread!

Thank you very much

Welcome aboard Isabelle!

Thank you very much
I appreciate it

Welcome Isabelle!

Thank you very much I appreciate it

Isabelle Brisson :

Thank you very much I appreciate it

Actually, we have a secret plan to say welcome to you one by one so you have to say thank you to each one of us..  lol

Hello Everyone! We wanted to introduce ourselves.  My wife and I are recently retired and have started seriously looking at retiring in the DR. We will be making our first of several trips down to stay in each area to help us decide where to settle.  We aren't interested in the big cities or the tourist areas very much.  We will try Puerto Plata first and look towards the mountains next time.  We look forward to reaching out to the group for great advice.

Welcome to the forums!  Iove your handle!  You must be Canadian.

Actually we are from Florida. The spelling is a play on boating. 😁

Ok abowt is very Canadian!

Hi all!  :)

I'm new to this forum and would like to wish you all firstly a happy weekend!

I currently live in the United Kingdom and I'm planning to move to the Dominican Republic this year (still in the early stages, going good so far) and intend to work as a Teacher of English, preferably within one of the larger Cities such as Santiago, Santa Domingo etc yet would not rule out the smaller cities or towns if a good opportunity came about!

Any suggestions on reputable International/ Private Schools within the DR? Feel free to advise! :)
And of course; where are the most affordable yet decent places to rent an apartment/ house? Broad question but thought id put it out there!!

It will be  a pleasure to meet new people on here, share stories, advice and inspiration to one another and of course, once moved to the Dominican Republic in the next coming months *(fingers crossed!!) I would love to join in in any EXPAT events and generally explore what the beautiful country has to offer!

Thanks for reading!

Kaya  :cheers:

Welcome to the forums!  There has been discussions in various threads about schools, do a search and.if you don't find what you need start a thread!

We are always looking to help others on here. times have meetups as well!

Kaya, welcome from fellow Brit.

I do hope members take time to read your profile and thoughts and opinions about DR - plus Italy, but better still, I hope you start other threads seeking more information on this lovely country with all it's flaws.

There is also an forum for Italian speakers in DR  which may interest you speaking Italian but less used.

Being an introductory thread, members are discouraged from discussing issues raised here, and as 'planner' has stated, you will need to search out one of the older threads on teaching In DR/where is affordable to rent or start a new thread, and there I am sure expat members will offer the advice you seek above.

Hi K Carter,

There is a school in La Romana called Abraham Lincoln. It covers grade 1 thru 12. They speak and teach only English. $10,000.00 / yr tuition. There are a host of Expats working/teaching there.

La Romana is located on the south coast, one hour west of Punta Cana. 150,000 people. Affordable rents and access to Playa Caleta. A decent town with a cruise ship terminal, an international airport and located beside Casa de Campo, a vibrant 7000 acre compound rated in the top 10 of Caribbean resorts.

I suggest you google Abraham Lincoln to see what contacts you might come up with. I can help you further on the ground here if you need more info.

Buena suerte!

Again please don't get into discussions on the Welcome Thread.


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