Anyone know any programmers!!!

Simply on the off-chance that someone might know a freelance someone (who knows someone... if you get my drift) that is experienced in programming in Java, C++, PHP etc plus a good graphic / web designer as we are probaly going to need such skills for a new project that we are confident of proceeding with very soon ... and being relitively new to Malta we are still finding our feet!

All (sensible) replies will be very much appreciated.


email: mikeayers(at)

Hi mikea!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Malta classifieds.


Hi, i'm a internet marketer and i have the same problem everytime i need a programmer or any other skills for my projects. But since i'm using i have everthing solved. You can work with people of whatever country in any skills you want. Everything is cheaper, but you have to work online with the people. Just a thought and quick tip in case you haven't found the programmer.

moderator can we kill this thread please?

me3512 wrote:

moderator can we kill this thread please?

Just curious but how come?  What am I missing?


just seems like the whole thing should be in the classifieds section...   I'f im wrong I'm ok with it, but comming to the blog for adverts is just annoying to me. 


Chad, it was not an advert in any way shape or form but rather a simple request among ex-pats for some assistance, with some very helpful people giving some guidance!

big thanks to those that helped.


"it was not an advert in any way shape or form" - its an advert for a programmer

In the top left of the screen there is a classifieds link where if you are looking for a job or employees you can place an add there for free. 

I am not trying to be rude, but please use that in the future.


georgeingozo wrote:

"it was not an advert in any way shape or form" - its an advert for a programmer

It was actually a request for information ... something like ... my car has broken down and I need help to find a jobber Land Rover mechanic ... It most certainly was not intended as an advert!

Now can we please forget it and move on :)

hiya - just wondering but would you be willing to work with someone who doesnt live in Malta?  my husband is a programmer but generally works remotely for freelance jobs. cheers,

Hi Cassie,

No problem but would you mind simply dropping an email to me (as per original posting) please.



No hassle Mike - will get him to mail you.