Business trip to HCMC. Fishing legal in Vietnam?

Hi guys,

I will probably be traveling to Vietnam around March for business trip.

I'm an avid angler, can I check if fishing is legal in Vietnam? As in do we need any license or something over there just like in the UK?

I'm more of an artificial lure angler who practice catch and release.

No license required  if it was required it would be ignored. Vietnamese will fish anywhere there is a puddle of water.

One problem you might have is your fishing rod.  If it’s a separate item from your luggage you better hope the baggage handlers haven’t got a fisherman in the family. 😆

Things can  disappear. 

Not a lot of fish in close to the coast,,,,it’s virtually fished out.  A lot of the seafood eaten here comes from fish farms.

If you do manage to catch something out of the lakes & rivers here...could you post a picture of it.  That’d be cool.🤓. It’ll probably have 2 heads & glow in the dark. 

Have fun .

We go to Con Dao Island every couple of months to go fishing.  Heading out again right after TET and again the latter part of March.  The early February trip is the beginning of Mackrel season.  Lots of 20-30kg fish.  I'm hoping it's still on in March as my friend from work in the US is coming for a couple of weeks with his wife and we are going there again with my Vietnamese friend and his wife.  He fishes with me in Canada every September.  If this wasn't a "three couple" trip I'd invite you to come along.

You can catch a flight from HCMC to Con Dao and rent a boat with guide/driver for around $100 for the day but I don't know if any of them speak English.  I go with a supplier that speaks English and loves to fish.

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