EP holder living in KL


I hold a european passport and ep ( my family in on dp).
I work in singapore.
I also have a long term visa for malaysia.( mm2h)
My question is if i live in KL with my family and visit singapore alone every 2 weeks for 2 to 3 days, am i going to have any trouble ?
And what about my address can i use my office address?

Thanks a lot

Working in Singapore under EP, you have to stay in Singapore. You must have to give your Singapore address to MoM.

Secondly, what do you mean by visiting Singapore 2 to 3 days in every 2 to 3 weeks time? Does your current job allows working remotely, even outside of Singapore while holding Singapore work pass? Better contact your HR for further assistance, if required then get clarification from MoM.

Thanks so yes basically i will travel a lot and the rest of the time i can work from home so in my context malaysia and will have to spend only a few days per month in singapore.

Your EP was issued based on Singapore address. You must have a Singapore resident address in order to continue with your EP. At IRAS, your Singapore resident address must be registered along with local phone number where they will send the message on tax returns update as and when required. How are you going to give Singapore address to Govt authorities? Any false declaration will be penalised heavily here. Be aware of it.

If your family will stay in KL, then what’s the purpose of holding DP (it defeats the purpose of applying DP).

Before planning to stay outside of Singapore, get all your clarification clear from HR and your employer should know this in advance.

MoM is very strict on this, any misadventure (to save a little by staying in KL) will cost your job and handed over a ban here, be careful.

I don't think there is a problem with travelling outside the country for a major portion of time while holding a Singapore work pass.
But you must have a Singapore residence and register the address. So rent at least a room!

This is exactly what i was planning to do !!! Thanks

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