Media in Germany

Hello everyone,

Being an expatriate in Germany is a golden opportunity to discover another culture and explore new perspectives. Each country has a unique radio and TV heritage and we would like to hear your opinion about it !

1. What was the film of the year 2019 for you in Germany?
2. Which local TV show is the most popular in Germany?
3. Which radio station is the most popular?
4. Which TV host has the best opinion?
5. Finally, what is your favorite radio or TV show? Why?

Thank you so much for your answers and see you soon !


Deutschland '83 and '86 are really good series

1. Joker
2. Wer wird Millionär on RTL
3. Radio Regenbogen
4. Pro7
5. Wer wir Millionär. You can learn something sensible at the show.

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