Media in Dominican Republic

Hello everyone,

Being an expatriate in Dominican Republic is a golden opportunity to discover another culture and explore new perspectives. Each country has a unique radio and TV heritage and we would like to hear your opinion about it !

1. What was the film of the year 2019 for you in Dominican Republic?
2. Which local TV show is the most popular in Dominican Republic?
3. Which radio station is the most popular?
4. Which TV host has the best opinion?
5. Finally, what is your favorite radio or TV show? Why?

Thank you so much for your answers and see you soon !


This is interesting.

Almost all of this is in Spanish here so many expats on the English forum won't watch much or listen to much. I find most of it to be not worth watching.

I have never watched an entire Dominican movie,.not once.

Dominican  about 30 years behind. The culture loves over the top, badly acted shows that are overly dramatic.  Humor is fairly juvenile in nature all about sex, body parts,.slapstick and for me just not worth my time.

The only news I watch in Spanish is CDN on channel 37. They are professional and speak well.  The other shows in most cases I can't even understand them, several talk over each other and at the same time and I often wonder if the females are professionals or only on TV trying to find a new boyfriend.

Games shows and variety shows are absolutely stupid in my opinion.

Radio:. There are some decent stations but they are very regional in nature.  The news and talk radio I turn off immediately.

I agree with Planner.....

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