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I got a job offer as construction sie Engineer but I'm currently working in shipyard in work permit  I have graduated BE civil and having degree. Certificate my current employer doesn't give me payslip ,is there any possibility for rejecting my application for absence of payslip

Get a written letter from your current employer on your present monthly fixed salary which employer pays to your bank account or cash in hand. Secondly, keep ready your bank statement (if employer credit to your bank account) in case MoM will ask as proof. Read our open threads to understand what’s the criteria and how MoM review each application on its merit. Good luck

Thank you for Ur reply ,but I'm asking will mom ask for payslip , because as work permit my earnings only 700 but I applied for a job which is giving S-pass and mutually understanding I get 1800 now they need pay slip according to that so I cannot submit current salary pay slip ,any other way is there

If MoM asks for payslips, do as Surya explasined above.

My current employer not giving me the correct salary slip

How come you are holding Bachelor of Engineering degree then working with a salary of $700 earlier? Even construction workers are getting better salary than yours. What prompt you to accept such salary and work record at MoM?
Im guessing that your employer did not show your graduation certificate while obtaining a work permit. Check if your educational institution is listed in MoM’s recognised list of universities (can find in MoM website - SAT). If yes, then I don’t think your S pass will be approved as the min salary should be $2400 (with experience it should be much higher). Tough luck ahead.

I m now applied for a new company they giving me job offer but i didn't inform my previous salary ,however they accepted me gave the job offer now what the question is ,s- pass applied two days before my doubt is they will ask for pay slip ? Rest all documents I submitted ready perfectly my question is they will ask  my  previous job payslip or not

We answered this several times now: If MoM asks for payslips, do as Surya explained above (specifically: "Secondly, keep ready your bank statement (if employer credit to your bank account) in case MoM will ask as proof.")
But what is the reason your employer does not issue payslips? Do they actiually pay less than what is written in the contract (and what your work pass was based on)? If so, you should report this to MoM and claim the missing amount from the employer!

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