Buying a property in portugal

Hi all im after some information please , ive been told by a friend that most properties that are sold in portugal get sold for around on average 20% lower price than advertised ? Is this true ?? We contacted a agent today regarding a property with a view to viewing it and the first thing the agent said is that the vendor isnt prepared to negotiate on price ! Is this a common practice for agents to say this or am i just unlucky with the property ive seen ? Thank you in advance for any replies ! :)

In witch part of Portugal you want to install ?

I'm living in thé centre of Portugal and hère it's difficult to make a négociation. But it's thé job of thé agency. I say "it's better to sell that waiting thé buyer".
I think speak with thé agency, you are lucky because today there are a lot of house to sell.

If you want to install in thé center you Can contact me.

Hi Denis
Thank you for your advice , we are looking to move to Tavira. How long have you been in Portugal and how do you like it ?

I buy a house 2years ago.
Yes i like Portugal, is just difficult to speak portugues but thé life is good and thé portugues very quiet.
If you Travel near Coimbra, send me a message, i'll very happy to receive you

We bought a place in Lisbon in 2018. We negotiated 20% than asking price. We are happy with our purchase.

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