work permit for student internship

Im a student from Malaysia and was offered with an internship placement (14 weeks and it was part of study) at a company in Belgium. And will be given 2500 euro for the entire internship period to cover my living expenses.

Do i need a work permit for the internship? Please also advise on which type of visa should i apply for  because there’s no a specific internship visa from the embassy in my country.

14 weeks * 7 days = 98 days.
As a Malaysian passport holder, you have a 90 days visa-free access to Europe per 180 days period.
Meaning that you can't come without a visa D, long stay (unless you can discuss about a 90 days trip with your contact in Belgium to avoid the troubles of a visa).

you'll need to proof that the company will pay you 2500€ AND that you've enough money for your stay (or sponsor) + accommodation in Belgium.
That's the key to get your visa.

Try to come for only 90 days, it's way easier...
else, contact the Belgian embassy and explain your case to know exactly what to do.

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