Moving to Bergen, get a work visa as a job seeker and finding a job.

I've been reading a lot, like a lot lot about all the process in order to move to Bergen, I have a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and 2 years of experience  in quality control and process improvement among other things, I'm scared of moving to Norway without having a job offer first because the longest I can stay as a tourist is no longer than 3 months and I would have to wait 6 months to enter again, if I move without having a job and start looking I don't how difficult would it be to find a job being there, I already have a place to stay which is good, all I need is to find a job and according to what I read in UDI's website the job have to be according to your background study, if I get a job as a secretary or working in a shop for example, I don't know if it will be enough to apply for the work visa, and I quote the UDI's requirement The job must normally be full-time. If you have been offered at least an 80 percent position, we will accept this.  The job you are offered must require qualifications as a skilled worker. You must have the qualifications that the job requires. The pay and working conditions must not be poorer than is normal in Norway.

I'm using more than 10 different sites (yep) to apply to jobs but no luck so far, I don't how much would change if I was actually in the country ,

I would appreciate any advice, thankss.

Hello, You probably going to need academical level language knowledge of Norwegian to work in your fields. There are special academical level language courses arranged by universities in Norway. Take one and while you are studying you also can take a look at the job market. Since you already have a little knowledge in Norska you can seek for those courses through university websites. All the best!

Hello ,
You have been moving to Norway !
Well, I can tell You !  You took a great Risiko!
I do intend to disappoint You !
I am trying to say how  things actually are ! If I had the chance to know about all this I would have never come to Norway .
The facts :
-- It is a very beautiful country !
-- Although they claim to be open , in fact they are quite the opposite ,
-- Byrocracy is awesome ! Be aware of it !
--' They are very reluctant when it comes to foreigner !
- The most difficult thing , in my experience , is to get a job! I have to tell You ! I am gynecologist som has worked many years in Germany before I came to Norway !  I did a great mistake coming here ! I did not get my !
-- They pay well , unless You get a jobb . If You do not , be aware ! There is nobody who will ask You ! How are You doing ? Nobody !
-- Norwegian is difficult but if  You have Your motivation   , You will mange ! I have learned Norwegian myself before I came here ! 
-- Shortly I will leave Norway for good ! I feel happy to do so !
--- I will not recommend Norway .! I am to honest to do so ! Nevertheless , it is Your choice and  I will respect it .

Mr. Dr. Emanoil Costea
Consultant physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology

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