Bahrain property mortgage

Can someone tell if expats can buy property in Bahrain under mortgage. If yes, then title deed will be moved to buyer right away or not and will this help to get the resident visa? Thx.

As far as mortgage is concerned, yes expats can buy property on it.  Since you are taking out the mortgage, the title deed WILL have bank lien on it preventing you from selling it and in majority of the cases, the bank will retain title deed with them until the loan is paid off.  And looking at your profile, it seems you are in Saudi - which means that you won't be able to get a mortgage from most banks in Bahrain.

On the visa front, I am not sure.  In the past you could provided the mortgage was not more than 50% of the property value.  In those times, you had to also give a bank deposit certificate of 15K BD and the visa was for 2 years only.  And on the NPRA site, at that time, they had specified clearly that either "property title deed in your name" or "mortgage agreement".  Then, they removed the bank deposit, introduced 10 year visas and dropped the clause of mortgage agreement.   So I would assume that now it has to be fully owned property but again, I am not sure.

Call the self sponsorship section and ask them.   Contact details are on this thread that I posted:

Thx a lot for detailed reply.

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