Loved Costa Rica, REALLY want to move back


I am Janet from Canada. I spent a year in Costa Rica a few years ago and have been thinking of returning ever since. We lived near Jaco and it was not my preferred area. I was thinking more like Alajuela or even Atenas. Looking forward to the discussion.


Hi and welcome to the forum.
I would suggest you make sure you know the residency requirements first of all, and if you do... then think about what it is you are looking for.
I say this because many people assume they can just move here, but there are requirements to gain legal residency. Otherwise you have to leave the country every 3 months without fail.
Are you looking for?
Gringo community? Gated community? Or Tico neighborhood?
Mountains not beach?
Close to or in a city or big town?
What things do you need in your life (night life, shopping, fellow gringos, a quiet life,, cultural events, music, ... etc. ... ?)
Then ask away as to what meets those needs. (i.e. let us know what exactly you are looking for)
Do you speak Spanish? If not, start learning, it helps a lot!

You make good points. I think I would like to try just coming for 3 months to start to determine if a community is right for us.

I got my temporary residency recently, and used Laura Gutierrez, and can't say enough good things about her.  Highly recommended.
   Regarding location, I like the West coast, and of course you get what you pay for.  I have a place in Jaco and don't mind it at all.  Its just my speed, for this Canadian farm boy.   You can pay more for a fancier town and condo, but for me, Jaco was just right.   I understand the NW part of the country (Liberia and Tamarindo) is where all the fancy places are. :)

I don’t mind the 3 month thing because it gives me an excuse to travel. I am a registered nurse and do web development and consulting to finance my pleasures like shopping travel and night life. I live in the nosara area five months out of the year and come back in sept/October. I absolutely love Arenal. So much to do, cool, friendly and beautiful. The best thing to do is travel around and stay a week or two in an area and then after a year or two, just go all in and burn the ships. You will experience many ups and downs but look at it like when you first started life. Everything was an adventure and you relied on others for your survival. Do it again. You’ll be blessed. Pura Vida!

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