Marring a Tunisian

My son is going to marry a girl in Tunisia. We are coming in June to sousse to do their engagement and her father is telling us to do the contract for marriage. What is this process and is there a time scale that you have to do the marriage?

The wedding prices seem very high?

Many thanks 😊

Engagements and wedding parties in Tunisia are very elaborate and expensive (10.000+). It is expected that the groom will pay most of the costs and provide his bride & family with expensive presents (e.g. jewelry).
A formal engagement always includes signing of contracts (as far as I know).
Traditionally, the husband is expected to provide financially for his wife. whereas a woman keeps financial control of her personal property and salary for herself.
If the bride is Muslim, the contract will stipulate that any children will be Muslim, too. Details about various rights of the wife and eventual divorce settlements etc might also be included.
Good luck & enjoy :-)

Can I ask what country you’re son is from plz

We are in England and the girl is Tunisian. My son is a Muslim

My son is British and a Muslim the girl is for Tunisia

I hope you don’t mind me asking but I have to say the thing s that’s being asked for is a bit much and I’m sorry to say Tunisien People think we in English are rich people just saying

Can I ask is there a set time you have to marry after the contract for marriage has been done?

I have come to see that they think we have money to burn Carole

I know I could say more but I don’t want to upset anyone I love the country been coming for many years but I’m sorry to say what they are asking for is not right

Why not go and do a registry like i did and small family meal afterwards and when they together back I uk after visa do a little get together with family and friends? Simple and straightforward for me

That’s a very good idea but I don’t think that’s what the Tunisien girl wants if you looked at what she wants just saying

Hi are u Tunisian or did u marry a Tunisian

British Pakistani that married a Tunisian in Tunisia and we settled in uk now

What paper work did u need? They will get married in the mosque do u still need all this paper work for the nikah?

Can I ask when u produced the CNI what did u have put on it for place of marriage?
The town and country or the address of where u were getting married?

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