School locations in Doha

Hi all,

We'd be shortly relocating to Doha. Me first, my wife and kids shortly thereafter. We need to indicate a preferred location for the housing and accommodation.

Our thinking was to look for accommodation based on the children's potential schools:
a) That would cut down travel time for the kids, right?
b) Perhaps even let them travel back home on their own?

Could somebody advise where most of the majority of the schools are located? Specifically for grades 4 and 6 and above? E.g. we know that Newton has a location in Barwa (southerly). Whereas London International School and International British School near the Doha Festival City (north). For the education, we are seeking mostly European curricula.

My workplace would be near Al-Matar. And I am hoping my wife's as well.  We are currently looking at Barwa, and Al Wakrah.

Opinions? ideas? Feedback

Thanks a ton!


Schools are located all over the place, I wouldn't say they're congregated in a particular location. Yes, I certainly think it is a good idea to first find a school for your kids and then decide where you're going to live based on their school's location.

You already seem to have a good idea of the available schools in Qatar with European curricula, what I would advise is that you do a google search of all these schools to get their directions on google maps.  You can then check their distance from Al Wakra and Barwa.

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