Annual Leaves Entitlements

Is it valid or illegal for a company in Cambodia to provide only 7 days only annual leaves to its employees for the first year of service? As Cambodian law states that full-time employees get 1.5 days of annual leave per month, which totals to 18 days per year.

This company is a Singaporean company so I guess they decided to follow the AL entitlements based on Singaporean laws. However, the employment contract is entered with a cambodian incorporated company. And funniest things is the company gives 18 days of sick leaves entitlements.

my question is once you have agreed and signed on the terms in the offer letter, you are bound to follow it but the law says otherwise, does it make the annual leave entitlements clause in the offer letter invalid?

In all cases you have to stick to Cambodian law,  Singaporean law is invalid in Cambodia.

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