Service process in a civil suit in saudi


I am a foreigner, NOT living in Saudi.  I have hired a Saudi lawyer and sued a Saudi citizen for non-repayment of a loan.  (You can see my previous thread to see what it's about).

My lawyer says that the court would send him a SMS message about the court date.  The court would have the defendant's phone number in the Absher system. And the SMS  constitutes the service process.

My lawyer scheduled mediation through the court, twice, but the defendant never showed up.

And now I am reading the Saudi Arabia law of procedures here: … /En/50.pdf

And article 11, 12, 13 talk about serving the actual copy of the lawsuit to the physical address of the defendant. 

So I am confused.  Has anyone here involved in a civil lawsuit in KSA? Did you need to serve the lawsuit to opposing party's address? or just let the court send the SMS message?

Also, does anyone know how to figure out if I am sued in Saudi? I do not have saudi ID or iqma number.  My lawyer went to the court to try to search by my passport number.  But he told me that the court doesn't have the capability to search by my passport number?  Let's say someone sued me in Saudi for defamation.  How would my lawyer find out then? How would the court in Saudi serve me the lawsuit?

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