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I have been here for 11 years and have not once filed a single tax return!!! My first few years here, I literally earned next to nothing. I lived off of what I brought. For the past few years I have been salaried, but a pretty low salary when you convert to USD. 

Has anybody else been in this boat? What did you do to become legal?  My biggest fear is traveling to the US and having my passport taken away. I read that in 2019, the IRS has been more aggressive about this.

Thanks in advance! Abraços!

If you live in Brazil, you should not have a problem with state taxes unless you maintain a home or has properties in the said state.

Federal taxes... Do you have a bank acct that exceeds $10,000 in Brazil? If you have, ask your bank if they sent a report to the US about said account in accordance with FATCA.

You are supposed to file your taxes every year to the US. You should look at your deductions and see if you don´t need to file at all...

It´s easy to file taxes on-line direct to the IRS especially if its a standard filing. Look for H&R Block on-line. They ask you questions and hold your hand and decide for you what form is the best to file etc.

Be well and good!


Thank you very much for your reply!!!!

I have money spread out in a few banks (I´m not hiding, it´s just more convenient and two are brokers that offer different services and have different fees) so not one  account is more than 10,000 USD individually. I think I am ok there.

As per filing this year, I´m 100% going to get on it, thanks for the H&R block tip, that is where I am going go to do it.

My fear is that for the past three years, I believe my salary has exceeded the filing threshold, though I am 10000% sure I don´t OWE taxes, there are penalties for failing to file and they are brutal. This is the part I where my duvida lies. There are companies that want between 1000-2000 USD to file the back tax forms. That is utterly laughable to me.

No joke, I drafted a letter and will send snail mail to the IRS in Philadelphia today asking what I can do. I will update this thread if I get an answer.

Um abraço!

I have HRBlock do mine every year and they also untangled my years (way back) when I hadn't filed for a good 4 years. I only wish that they had Portuguese speaking people because, eventually, when I'm too old or gone my "survivor" is going to have to do the taxes and stay on top of things. I know that there are such services for people loaded with money (I'm not) but I wish that there were more tax advisors to handle the needs of expats (and their non-US-citizen partners) around the world. H&R Block has been great for me. I only wish it was a bit cheaper (my taxes are just too easy).

I find using H&R online is simple and they have a "chat" option.
As to a personal office it is kind of like finding a broker. You need to find a knowledgeable and experienced person.

mberigan- Thanks for the response! Therein lies the problem. A lot of these services are geared to wealthy expats making their services out of reach for the "little gringo". Even H&R block wants a small fortune to untangle the back years when you convert the USD to reais. My taxes are easy as well. Thanks again- um abraço!

Texan- Thanks for the response! That´s good to hear, I´ll be going with them for sure. Abraços

Good luck. It is about $60 for US tax online service. Check out their website.

Are you guys paying H&R with a U.S. credit card with a U.S. billing address ? Because TURBOTAX wont let me pay with my U.S. bank card with a Brazil mailing address on the account.

Enroll [at] Military One Source chief! I know you're Navy retired. It's free for retired military on H&R Block. I do mine there.


US credit card, US mailing address. Must jibe. Put a US mailing address at the bank that issued tour card...


I meant a US billing address should be placed instead of a Brazil address at the bank´s site that issued the card. Was a little sleepy there.


Yes I pay each year with a US CC. At the time HSBC was here in BR so had US (mail forwarding provide address) and BR address.
As Robal said US bank address has worked.

Great site. Easy to register (veterans are eligible too). The tax site was easy to use. Thanks a bunch !

Glad it help.

ohanasurf :

Great site. Easy to register (veterans are eligible too). The tax site was easy to use. Thanks a bunch !

You´re welcome...

OK, I am not expert about this stuff , But ,, I would guess to say that in the years you didn't need to file any Federal tax returns(because of income minimums the IRS /GOV lists as cut off points) , you should be ok . I suggest confirming this with a Pro . But if you didn't need to file while in the States . IMO , it should  make no difference being here . IIRC , the threshold is higher(for having to file a return) for those outside the USA ,Then for having to file a return while living in the US . BUT , Check this out with someone who know ,as fact .
If your are married ,that amount is higher when filing jointly, IIRC .

IIRC , the 10K US$(in Banks here) for having to declare (in your filing) is still the point of needing to file a return(or declaring it, at least) .

From my Expience in the last 2 years living here , I have filed returns for my wife and myself . As far as I can tell ,I don't need to , But I am not taking any chances (Both of us  no longer work ) . I too saw that about the GOV. taking your Passport/s for not filing , but I think that would kick in ,If you had to file and didn't  . IMO , better not to have any trouble . And the price you pay to file (I do mine online) is well worth the peace of mind ..
If any of you have ever had trouble with the IRS , you know how bad it can get . I never want to have to go through another "problem" with them again .And  on top of that losing your Passport is even a bigger problem .

Myself , I (we) don't have the income level that mandates having to file . Even having Accounts in the US that I use and maintain . For the last 2 years living here I have Used H&R Block , their online service for Expats . It ain't cheap , But having/keeping my Passport is worth it (imo) . Plus I have monthly income sent to my US accounts from the Gov every month .  They are aware I live here . Banks supply that info to the GOV anyway , If you list you info at the bank, as living in Brazil .
Yes, I Paid (H&R BLOCK) with my USA CC (HSBC) while having my listed address here in Brazil .
As long as your bank info reflects your correct up to date info, you should not have a problem . They do make it very easy . Just not cheap . IIRC, I paid $275.00 last year .

Also, there re special forms that need to be filed for Expats ,and those ,imo, are worth paying to have done , even if you do not NEED to file . Those might be mandatory . Best ask a tax adviser /pro about that . The US Gov, doesn't make is simple or easy .imo .

I guess it comes down to ,,,, imo, better to file with a pro and not take any chances .
I have to say H&R Block makes it very easy and somewhat painless . Having a scanner would be very helpful too.
And at some point I will travel to the US and do not want any issues .  As things are now in the US, I don't have enough confidence in what is happening to have any "trust" in them . Better to make sure you have done everything "right" before hand.
Put a price on that ? lol!!!! Priceless .....

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